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What's in a name?

The second thing our clients always ask (after "How much will it cost?") is "How did the name Pink Robot come about?". Well, here is that story:

Pink Robot began life as the collective gleam in the eyes of visual provocateur, Lisa Orth and binary astronaut, Kim Beecroft. They had a hunch that combining their talents would give rise to a bright and healthy business. They were not disappointed. In the spring of 1998 they christened their love child Pink Robot. Was it their intention to juxtapose these two words to represent the relationship between the visceral nature of design and the structure which gives it shape? No, they just thought it sounded cool!

Who are the Bigwigs?

Kim Beecroft is our Technical Director and also the head of our Web team. A multidisciplinary Web creator, Kim offers fresh insight and a passion for innovation; proven track record in planning, designing, building, and launching successful dot.com and e-commerce presences. A powerful creative visionary, Kim is able to transform ideas into reality using the most appropriate tools, technologies and strategies.

Lisa Orth is our Creative Director. An acclaimed designer and art director, Lisa has been on the forefront of cutting edge graphic design for over a decade. She's held the prestigious title of Art Director at both Sub Pop Records and the Rocket magazine, been principle designer for Seattle's infamous Stranger Weekly and The Center of Contemporary Art, and designed countless album covers for bands including Nirvana, Mudhoney and Sonic Youth. Also an established musician and indie label owner, Lisa brings to Pink Robot a wealth of knowledge about art, design, music, and popular culture.

Kris Beecroft is our Art Director. Kris graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA degree in Fine Arts. Since then Kris has been a photographer, cartoonist, furniture designer, mountain bike racer, filmmaker, snowboard instructor, and graphic designer. Her eclectic background is reflected in her design aesthetic. Kris believes in enjoying life, keeping things as simple as possible, and, most importantly, sharing the fun.


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